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Playstation Portable

SONY PSP Solutions

How do I save and watch PSP Videos

Playstation Portable needs MP4 format not ".mpeg". In order to play it on your PSP. Right click the file and go to properties and change the name to MAQ***** (asterisks are actually numbers from 0-9. You can choose the numbers you want… example MAQ00001, MAQ00002, MAQ23456!) On the PSP save in the mp_root folder under 101ANV01 or depending on the firmware below 3.11 you have you may have to save it under 100mnv01.

If you have firmware 3.11 or higher--

If you have the 3.11 update all you have to do is (while on PC go to My Computer and then whatever your PSP is named on your computer. once the folder showing the files "PSP" and "MP_Root", create a new folder called "VIDEO" (No Quotes, all capitol though!) then move your files into there. no MAQ or conversion software, (as long as it's .mp4)


How do I get photos from my PC over to my PSP

Plug the psp into your PC using a usb cable. Then On your pc open MY Computer. Go to the psp drive (F: or whatever your computer calls it) Open psp then open photos. Copy the photos from your pc and paste them into this file.

How do I put music onto my PSP

Plug the psp into your PC using a usb cable. Then On your pc open MY Computer. Go to the psp drive (F: or whatever your computer calls it) Open psp file then open Music. Copy the music from your pc and paste them into this file. Music supported are MP3 or .wma (.wma only can be used if you have received an update and activated it on line from sony. Use your wifi to get update. Note: PSP must be fully charged before getting updates.)

Change Wallpapers

When viewing your pictures on the psp hit triangle then choose option set as background. Although the screen size is 240 x 136 we have found when making your backgrounds the best size format of photos for background is 720 x 408 or larger by percentage.

Is the PSP Update 3.03

Worth it

Update allows the PSP to view flash player when on internet. The update also allows direct camera to psp usage.

DVD's on PSP

There are psp conversation softwares that will allow you to copy dvd's to the psp. The dvd's must not be copy protected. If they are you must download additional software from internet sites which is a violation of copyright laws and not condoned by this website.

WiFi PSP problems connecting

switch the wlan switch to on the switch is located on the left hand sideof your psp it has an arrow on it. Goto settings (far left folder) press x and it will be the bottom icon. (Adhoc is direct between psp and psp). Then goto Infrastructure communication uses an access point for the internet (wifi) . select new connection then if you don't know a wifi connection press scan and if one is available it will find it. Some are secured and you can't use unless you know the key. Some are not secure so go to ones that are not secured and follow on screen instructions. Remember: First you have to be in a hotspot. If the hot spot has security you must have the ip and password for that spot. If you find an unprotected hotspot you can use that bandwidth to update your psp or surf the net.

Problems updating the psp

To download updates for the psp first make sure the psp is fully charged and or connected to charger. Then either connect to the internet using your usb cable directly to your pc or find a wifi hotspot. Do not leave update menu until you have activated updates you just downloaded. To activate goto settings goto system settings enable wma playback and do the same for the flash update etc....

How do I delete files from my PSP?

To delete files from the PSP just hover over the file highlighting it. Then you push triangle (not X) then select delete.  

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