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WHite Water Rafting West Virginia
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White Water Rafting

As far as family adventure vacations go, White water rafting is one of the most memorable vacations a family can take. Finding the right rivers and places to White water isn't difficult. Finding a safe place that you trust is very import when planning a family vacation white water rafting. Look for rafting companies that take their own policies and procedures seriously. Remember to keep the weather in mind when planning your trip. The more rain and snow runoff the more exciting the white water rapids. For families with younger children, you may want to have a back up vacation plan in case it rains. Some of the rafting areas can go from class II to class V in a matter of minutes if heavy rains are in the area.

Remember Parents, have fun and relax on your family white water river rafting vacation. Leave the cell phones in the car. West Virginia offers some of the best white water rafting on the east coast and usually from early spring through the summer into the late fall.

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White Water Rafting


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White Water Rafting


Before taking a white water rafting adventure, be sure to spend a couple of weeks getting into shape. Endurance especially in the upper body is necessary.


California White Water Rafting

California offers many White Water Rafting opportunities for all skill levels. Keep the season and recent weather in mind when planning a family vacation. Rafting conditions and Class levels change with the season and weather. In California the South Fork River or Middle Fork American River would be best for a family enjoying a first time experience with white water rafting with a Class II to Class IV rafting experience. Many points offer multiple options example "go to right Class IV go left Class II" etc... For families with children age seven try the Kings River, South Fork and American Rivers. For extreme adventure seekers go in the spring or after a good mountain rain.

 In California, for the more adventurous family members I would suggest the Middle fork River for white water rafting. Be Sure to call in advance to find out about age restrictions and permit requirements if any. Always call in advance to make your family vacation enjoyable.

 Most White Water Rafting In Colorado Requires Permits and there are age restrictions. Some white water rafting places offer childcare for children too young to ride the rapids. Be sure to make reservations for your destination early in the year, many white water rafting excursions in colorado book up quickly.

 East of the Mississippi:

Remember Class ratings can vary based on the weather.

West Virginia's Lower New river, Lower River, Upper Gauley in the spring and summer has amazing white water excursions through the New River gorge. During the summer the Upper Gauley's becomes even more exciting. The ever changing water levels make each white water rafting experience as unique as the first run. If you want some death defying thrills do the Gualey River during the fall Sept. thru October is extreme. I strongly suggest those families east of the Mississippi go West Virginia especially to the New river Gorge and Fayetteville areas. There are many hotels in the area or you can camp on site. Most rafting companies offer small cabins and or camp sites. Most offer single day and multi day white water rafting trips.

Some parts of the River are great for children nine years and up. They offer thrills and spills as well as calm pond like waters were you can relax and play chicken on your upside down ducky /raft before you hit the next set of Class III rapids. The river offers extreme white water class IV and Class V rapids as well. Generally families can find rafting adventures throughout the whole spring summer and fall in West Virginia. Atomsfamily.net recommends checking out Extreme Expeditions as the rafting company for making your trip arrangements. Extreme Expedition guides are seasoned and their grounds are beautiful.

While in the Beckley, Fayetteville area stop by Lake Summerville and rent a boat or jet sky to explore the largest lake in west Virginia surrounded by high cliffs and loaded with fish. If you are into rock climbing and love water bring your gear.

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West Virginia Whitewater experience:

  • THE CHEAT RIVER -Class III+ rapids
  • The Upper Gauley Class III - Class V+ rapids
  • The Lower Gauley Class III - V rapids
  • THE NEW - Class I - V rapids
  • Upper New Class II - III rapids.
  • Lower New Class I - V Rapids
  • THE TYGART Class I - V+ Rapids
  • THE GREENBRIER class I - III rafting
  • THE MEADOW - Class III - Class V+ during the spring.
  • THE SHENANDOAH - class I - III rapids.

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Whitewater Rafting West Virginia River Companies-

  • SONGER WHITEWATER INC. Fayetteville,West Virginia Phone:1-800-356-7238
  • RAFT WV INC. Fayetteville,West VIrginia Phone:1-800-782-
  • RAFT PASSAGES TO ADVENTURE Fayetteville,WEST Virginia Phone:1-800-634-3785
  • RIVERMAN OUTDOOR CENTER Fayetteville, West Virginia Phone:1-800-545-7238
  • A-1 EXTREME EXPEDITIONS WHITEWATER RAFTING Lansing, West Virginia Phone:1-800-463-9873
  • RIVERS WHITEWATER RAFTING RESORT Lansing, West Virginia Phone:1-800-879-7483
  • NEW AND GAULEY RIVER ADVENTURES Lansing, West Virginia Phone:1-800-759-7238
  • CLASS VI RIVER RUNNERS Lansing, West Virginia Phone:1-800-252-7784
  • NORTH AMERICAN RIVER RUNNERS Hico, West Virginia Phone:1-800-950-2585
  • BLACKWATER OUTDOOR ADVENTURES Saint George, West Virginia Phone:(304) 478-3775
  • APPALACHIAN WILDWATERS Rowlesburg, West Virginia Phone:1-800-624-8060
  • CHEAT RIVER OUTFITTERS, INC. Albright, West Virginia Phone:1-888-997-4837
  • ACE WHITEWATER Oak Hill, West Virginia Phone:1-888-223-7238
  • CANTRELL ULTIMATE RAFTING Hinton, West Virginia Phone:1-800-470-7238
  • WEST VIRGINIA ADVENTURES Glenn Jean, West Virginia Phone:1-800-292-0880
  • RIVER RIDERS INC. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Phone:1-800-326-7238
  • RIVER AND TRAIL OUTFITTERS Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Phone:1-888-446-7529 The rivers:

Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania also offer great family vacation packages for white water rafting. Be sure to call first water levels change drastically in late spring and late fall. Some white water rafting companies because of the region only offer a white water rafting experience in the spring and late fall.


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