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      IPODS make great gifts but what else can our children download besides music. POD Casting is it a form of receiving non-network news and editorials or is it just another web blog. For this topic the term Pod blogging will be used. Pod Blogging or Pod casting is basically an individual or organization developing a website or portal for other visitors to upload "Verbal Web Blogs" for other IPOD users to download to their IPODS and listen to right then or at a later time.

      Now if web sites such as MY SPACE have you concerned about the safety of your family accessing and blogging for the Whole Wide World to read. Shouldn't there be as much concern about websafety when it comes to the teenager uploading or downloading a verbal blog as well. (In most cases the IPOD isn't used in the upload process to the internet- your computer's equipment is used.)

      As the IPOD becomes more sophisticated, so do the creative minds that discover new ingenious ways to use this little wonder. Most are good ways like Universities offering Podlectures, yet some uses are not so good. In regards to internet web safety, and internet Pod Blogging which is relatively new to most parents, should we be as aware about Pod safety as we are about online websafety?

      Imagine how disconcerting it is to think children and teens are posting pictures and typing in text on the web for all to read including child predators. Now imagine that same web predator with access not only to their written stream of thought, now they could have access to their spoken words as well. Preditors are sick to begin with and this could cause them to become more fixated. Let alone they can use their knowledge to start the subtle manipulation of your child.

      Some advice for you handling your child and their fancy new gadget. Right from the start, it is always a good idea to involve yourself and show interest in their gadgets. In a light hearted way have your child show you the new video downloads etc...If you from the start share in their gadget experience, there won't be the feeling of personal space violations when they find you surfing their Ipod contents.

      The best web safety advice is to have the computer or computers in the house located in the same room the parents spend the majority of time in and to have the Ipods and hand helds recharge in the home's public spaces. Have the computer or computers positioned so that at a glance anyone can see the screen/s. Web Safety and communication gadget safety is as important as talking to your children about and training your children to deal with stranger danger and drugs.

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      Tools and techniques to help keep children safe and educated on internet and gadget safety.

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