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     Nintendo has done it again. The company has created a video game console masterpiece. In only 1 year the Nintendo has outsold Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's Playstaion 3. No one could have predicted the immense popularity of Nintendo's 5th video game console release. Before the Nintendo Wii first appeared in the stores November 2006, based on the specs alone, many found it difficult to even call it a next generation video game system because it lacked the ability to output Hidef like it's competitors. However, Nintendo has proven once again, that if a company is original, innovative and can still keep the product price within reach of the average consumer, people would buy it. Buy it they did.

     Here it is a year later and many stores have not been able to keep the Wii on the shelves for more than an hour. Most stores didn't even bother putting them on the shelves. Retailers began handing customers waiting outside closed stores tickets to eliminate the chaos. If the tired, cold shopper was lucky enough they would be less than the tenth person in line. Of course to achieve this feat, the Wii shopper found out soon enough that getting in line outside the closed store, with a thermos of coffee, the night before was the only way to achieve this. Here it is a year later and people are still lining up the night before to get their hands around the Wiimote.

     What makes the Wii so special? Ask any kid. Ask any parent. Ask any grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, of some who owns a Wii. The Wii is the best family/ party video gaming system out there. More than 20 years ago, when Nintendo first released the NES console, many recognized the creativity of this company with it's introduction of the running /dance pad. The Wii is Nintendo's latest step in the evolution of the Nintendo game console. Nintendo has given us total game interactivity this time with the Motion Sensing Wiimote and Nunchuck. Nintendo took online gaming a step further with a fresh social networking capability that allows you to send Wii messages and even pictures to your Mii-Pals miles away and even in other countries. Individuality of the gamer is easily expressed through the gamers ability to create there own Mii character that actually participates in many games. The Miis can even visit other consoles for a parade with their Mii friends in other countries.

     Remember as a kid, playing the Atari and you and friends would say, "Wouldn't it be cool if .." Well Nintendo Corporation must be run by Kids masquerading as adults only to create what every child and every adult's inner child knows "would be sooo sweet!"

  • Ristar
  • Scareface the world is yours
  • Sonic and the Secret Rings
  • Spider-Man 3
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab
  • SSX Blur
  • Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
  • Super Paper Mario
  • Super Swing Golf
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double
  • Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam
  • Transformers: The Game
  • Trauma Center: Second Opinion
  • WarioWare: Smooth Moves

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