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Wii Cheat Codes for Sonic and the Secret Rings Video Games

Sonic and the Secret Rings Wii cheat Codes

Unlock Different Sonic Characters

Dark Type Sonic-100 Silver Medals

Fire Type Sonic-105 Silver Medals

Wind Type Sonic-110 Silver Medals

Unlock Playable Party Characters

Blaze--105 Fire Souls

Cream-42 Fire Souls

Shadow-30 Fire Souls

Silver-87 Fire Souls

Unlockable Awards

Do the following to unlocks in Chapter 13/14.

Bookworm-Play a total time of 24 hours

Champion-Win 1st in 120 Party Games

Dark Master-Beat 20 missions using 5 Dark skills and no Wind and Fire skills

Extreme Speeder-Use Speed Break 50 times

Flame Master-Beat 20 missions using 5 Fire skills and no Wind and Dark skills

Genie Buster-Defeat 1,000 Genies

Grind Performer-Grind a Distance of 30km

Hero-Defeat Erazor Djinn

Rebellion-Beat Erazor Djinn at less than level 25

Ring Catcher-Collect 10,000 Rings

Skill Collector-Unlock every skill available

Skill Quinti-Beat 20 missions with less then 4 skills

Skill Saver-Beat 30 missions with less than 100 SP

Soul Collector-Collect every Fire Soul

Super Player-Reach level 99

The Ultimate-Collect all Gold Medals

Time Controller-Use Time Break for 300 seconds

True Hero-Defeat Alf Layla wa Layla

Wind Master-Beat 20 missions with 5 Wind skills and no Fire and Dark skills

World Traveler-Travel 500 km

Unlockable Party Mode Extras

Aim! Big Crossbow- 6 Fire Souls

Cross! Balance Race-48 Fire Souls

Extreme Difficulty-114 Fire Souls

Final X Adventure-126 Fire Souls

Fly! Ptero-Rider-78 Fire Souls

Put It Out! Big Fire-60 Fire Souls

Reel! Battle Fishing-24 Fire Souls

Row! Canoe Race-18 Fire Souls

Sink 'Em! Pirate Ship-12 Fire Souls

Spin! Propeller Race-96 Fire Souls

Thrust! Bone Knight-36 Fire Souls

Watch Out! Trap-54 Fire Souls

World Bazaar-69 Fire Souls


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