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Wii Cheat Codes for Mario Video Games

Super Mario Galaxy   Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games   Mario Strikers Charged   Mario Party 8   Super Paper Mario

Super Mario Galaxy

Multiplayer tips... A second Player can help Mario using a second Wiimote. Although the game guide says that the second player can only pick up star bits for the player by pointing the wiimote at the bits and collecting them, we found that the second player can also freeze the enemies, giving Mario a chance to kill them without loosing health. To do this the second player points the wiimote at the enemy and presses the A button and holds it until Mario stomps it.

Second Player Meteorite freezing and crushing--The second player can freeze huge rolling Meteorite rocks with the red crystal spot by pointing the controller and holding the A button. When doing this if another Meteorite rock rolls and smashes into the frozen one then a ton of star bits explode from both of the crushing rocks. The second player collects them for mario.



Unlock the following by completing the Circuits.

High Jump- Play as all characters at least once

Stardust Circuit-Come in First on the Moonlight Circuit

Advanced Class-Come in First on the Moonlight Circuit

Dream Race Event-Unlock the Moonlight Circuit

Archey Event-Unlock the Stardust Circuit

Single Sculls Event-Unlock the Moonlight Circuit

4x100m Relay Event-Unlock the Moonlight Circuit

Moonlight Circuit -Come in First on: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn Circuits

Meteorite Circuit -Come First in Stardust Circuit, Planet Circuit, Comet Circuit, Satellite Circuit and Sunlight Circuit.

Sunlight Circuit-Win Stardust, Planet, Comet, and Satellite Circuit.

400m Race-Win Planet Circuit

Dream Fencing-Win Comet Circuit

Dream Table Tennis-Win Satellite Circuit

400m Hurdles-Win Sunlight Circuit

Supernova Circuit-Win Meteorite Circuit

Pole Vault-Unlock Supernova Circuit

Cosmos Circuit-Win Supernova Circuit

Vault-Unlock Cosmos Circuit

Galaxy Circuit-Win Cosmos Circuit

Dream Platform-Unlock Galaxy Circuit

Universal Circuit -Place 1st 2nd or 3rd on Galaxy Circuit

Big Bang Circuit - Place 1st 2nd or 3rd on Universal Circuit

End Credits Sequence-Place in 1st on Big Bang Circuit

Unlock Emblems

Olympic Record Emblem--Break an Olympic Record

World Record Emblem -Break a World Record

Knight's Emblem (Fencing) -Win 15-0 in Individual epee

Network Emblem-Connect to Nintendo WFC Rankings

Rocket Emblem -Successful start dash in 100m

Friendly Emblem -Play an Event with 2 to 4 Players

Track Champ Emblem-Gold Medals in All Track Events in Single Match

Field Champ Emblem -Gold Medals in All Field Events in Single Match

Bouncing Emblem -Perfect 10 on Trampoline

Gallery Owner Emblem -Unlock Everything in the Gallery

Penalty Emblem-Commit a Foul in the 100m

Collaborative Emblem-Play as all the characters

Knuckles Emblem -Complete Mission mode with Knuckles

Bowser Emblem -Complete Mission mode with Bowser

Vector Emblem -Complete Mission mode with Vector

Wario Emblem -Complete Mission mode with Wario

Mario Emblem-Complete Mission mode with Mario

Amy Emblem -Complete Mission mode with Amy

Luigi Emblem -Complete Mission mode with Luigi

Blaze Emblem -Complete Mission mode with Blaze

Sonic Emblem-Complete Mission mode with Sonic

Daisy Emblem-Complete Mission mode with Daisy

Shadow Emblem-Complete Mission mode with Shadow

Yoshi Emblem-Complete Mission mode with Yoshi

Peach Emblem-Complete Mission mode with Peach

Tails Emblem-Complete Mission mode with Tails

Waluigi Emblem-Complete Mission mode with Waluigi

Dr. Eggman Emblem -Complete Mission mode with Dr. Eggman

Dream Champ Emblem -1st Medal in all Dream Events

Full Play Emblem-Play All Events

Complete Game Emblem -Unlock All Events

Planet Circuit -Medal (Gold, Silver or Bronze) in Stardust Circuit

Aquatics Champs Emblem-Gold Medals in All Aqautics Events

Gymnastics Champ Emblem-Gold Medals in All Gymnastics Events

Ping Pong Emblem (Table Tennis)-Win 11-0 in Singles Table Tennis

Shooting Emblem (Shooting)-40 Points in Skeet

Somersault Emblem (Vault) -Perfect 10 on the Vault

Thanks for Playing Emblem -Started the game 50 times

Gallery Music

Complete all 5 rounds of each minigame in the gallery to unlock Sonic and Mario songs.

Green Hill and Overworld-Complete all rounds of one minigame

Star Light and Underground-Complete all rounds of two minigames

Sonic 2 Special Stage and Underwater-Complete all rounds of three minigames

Super Mario3 Ground BGM and SONIC HEROES-clear 4th set of minigames

Super Mario World Ground BGM and LET THE SPEED MEND IT -clear 5th set of minigames


WII CHEAT CODES Mario Strikers Charged

 Unlock more captains

You can unlock extra captains for offline modes by playing through Road to the Striker Cup.

Bowser Jr.-Win the Fire Cup

Diddy Kong-Win the Crystal Cup

Petey Piranha-Win the Striker Cup

Unlock Character Cards

To unlock cards featuring artwork, you must complete challenges in Striker Challenges mode.

Bowser Card-Beat Challenge 09

Bowser Jr. Card -Beat Challenge 11

Daisy Card -Beat Challenge 05

Diddy Kong Card-Beat Challenge 12

Donkey Kong Card-Beat Challenge 03

Luigi Card-Beat Challenge 02

Mario Card-Beat Challenge 01

Peach Card -Beat Challenge 04

Petey Piranha Card -Beat Challenge 10

Waluigi Card-Beat Challenge 07

Wario Card -Beat Challenge 06

Yoshi Card-Beat Challenge 08

Unlock cheats

To unlock cheats to toggle on/off in Domination Mode, you must complete challenges in Striker Challenges mode.

Always Sidekick Skillshot-Beat Challenge 11

Always White Ball-Beat Challenge 10

Classic Mode-Beat Challenge 01

Custom Power Ups and Infinite Power Ups-Beat Challenge 12

Devastating Hits-Beat Challenge 05

Field Tilt-Beat Challenge 09

High Voltage-Beat Challenge 04

No Power Ups- Beat Challenge 06

Power Shortage-Beat Challenge 08

Safe MegaStrike-Beat Challenge 02

Secure Stadia-Beat Challenge 07

Super Captains -Beat Challenge 03

Unlock stadiums

To unlock more stadiums for Domination Mode, you must play through Road to the Strikers Cup.

Crystal Canyon-Win the Crystal Cup

Galactic Stadium -Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Striker Cup

Stormship Stadium-Win the Striker Cup

The Dump-Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Crystal Cup

The Lava Pit-Win the Fire Cup

The Wastelands -Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Fire Cup

Unlock trophies

In tournament mode.

Unlock Golden Foot Trophy-Score the most goals overall in qualifying round of any tournament.

Unlock Brickwall Trophy-Have the least amount of goals scored on you overall in the qualifying round in any tournament.

Unlock Fire Trophy-Beat the Fire Tournament.

Unlock Crystal Trophy-Beat the Crystal Tournament.

Unlock Striker Trophy-Beat the Striker Tournament.


WII CHEAT CODES Cheat codes for Mario Party 8

Fun Buzaar Unlockables

Trade Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar to Unlock the following stuff. 

Any Minigame-Buy 1 of the 72 minigames for 50 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar's Minigame Wagon

Board Sounds-Buy-it for 50 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar

Board-Related Carnival Figures -Buy 1 of the 12 for 30 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar

Carnival Figures-Buy at least 1 Carnival Figure at the Fun Buzaar

Carnival Parade-Buy at least 1 Carnival Figure at the Fun Buzaar

Character Voices -Buy-it for 50 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar

Chomping Frenzy -Buy-it for 50 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar

Credit Roll-Buy-it for 100 Carnival Cards at the Fun Bazaar

Heckling Sounds-Buy-it for 50 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar

Minigame Sounds-Buy-it for 50 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar

Minigame-Related Carnival Figures-Buy 1 of the 12 for 30 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar

Moped Mayhem-Buy-it for 50 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar

Puzzle Pillars-Buy-it for 50 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar

Staff Record-Buy-it for 50 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar

Star Carnival-Related Carnival Figures-Buy 1 of the 6 for 30 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar

Table Menace-Buy-it for 50 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar

Test for the Best-Buy-it for 50 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar

Very Hard Difficulty-Buy-it for 50 Carnival Cards at the Fun Buzaar

Minigame Wagon

Minigame wagon-Complete Star Battle mode once

When you beat Star Battle mode, you can buy minigames in the Minigame Wagon

Unlockable Characters and Maps

 Blooper/Hammer Bro. -get one of these characters when you beat Star Battle with any character. For the second, beat Star Battle again the character you unlocked

Bowser's Warp Orbit-Beat the Star Battle with any character

Unlockable Minigames

The following are minigames that can be unlocked in the Minigame tent.

Crown Showdown-Unlock atlast one minigame in the 4 player, 1 vs. 3 player, 2 vs. 2 minigame and Duel minigame categories.

Flip Out Frenzy-Unlock atleast one 4 player minigame.

Test For The Best-Unlock this mode in the Fun Bazaar.

Tic Tac Drop-Unlock atleast one Duel minigame.



New Pixels-.

Barry (Forcefield)-Beat Francis in chapter 3-4, then find Barry behind the bush in chapter 3-1

Piccolo (melodies for game events and cures)- Place the 6th pure heart, talk to Merlee and help her, talk to Merluvlee, then Bestovious, Watchitt, Merlumina, then Merluvlee to get the Random House key

Dashell (speed)- The bottom of Flipside Pit of 100 trials

Tiptron (be like Tippi)- After you finish the game once you can buy it from Francis for 999 coins

Items and stages

Extra Mini Game in the Flipside's Basement-Get the Golden Card

Flopside's Pit of 100 trials-Beat Flipside's Pit of 100 trials

Flipside's Pit of 100 trials- Beat Chapter 1 and unlock the outskirt in Flipside

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