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Wii Cheat Codes for Tiger Woods PGA Tour Wii Video Games

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Wii Cheat Codes Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Wii Cheat Codes

Enter the following by selecting Options then Passwords.

CLEVELAND-Unlock Cleveland Golf Items

GUYSAREGOOD-Unlock Precept Items

GUYSAREGOOD-Unlock Precept Items


JLINDEBERG-Unlock J.Lindeberg Items

JUSTDOIT-Unlock Nike Items

JUSTSHAFTS-Unlock Grafalloy Items

NOTJUSTTIRES-Unlock Bridgestone Items

PROSHOP-All Clubs Unlocked

RIHACHINRIZO-Unlock Mizuno Items

SNAKEKING-Unlock Cobra Items

THREESTRIPES-Unlock Buick Items

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Wii cheat codes

Codes and Passwords to unlock sponsorship items and players

At the menu, select "Options" and "Passwords".

GAMEFACE-Unlock all players in team play.

GUYS ARE GOOD-Unlock all Precept items.

INTHEGAME-Unlock all Level 3 EA Sports items.

JANNARD-Unlock all Oakley items.

JUST SHAFTS-Unlock all Grafalloye items.

JUSTDOIT-Unlock all Nike items.

LIGHTNING-Unlock all PGA Tour items.

MACTEC-Unlock all Macgergor items.

MR ADAMS-Unlock all Taylormade items.

RIHACHINRZO-Unlock all Mizuno items.

SHOJIRO-Unlock all Bridgestone items.

SnakeKing-Acquire all Cobra gear

SOLHEIM-Unlock all Ping items.

THREE STRIPES-Unlock all Adidas items.

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