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Manually turn the system on- then


On the inside of the controller their is a red button (remove battery cover to find) Press it after pressing the red button under the front cover plate on the Wii unit itself. This should sync the remote to the Wii. Press button on one remote at a time.


Is the recieving bar for the remotes blocked, disconnected or turned the wrong way. (the thin bar that goes on the tv. If it is that'll cause issues. If that doesn't work disconnect the power source to the Wii and reconnect then turn it on and see if that fixes it.

My Wii won't recognize my remotes?

Goto Mii channal

All your Miis are there.

Hover over the Mii you want to edit

Press A and B at the same time to it uo.

Carry Mii over to edit and drop him in.

This should take you to the edit Mii screen

How do I edit my Mii?

Try pressing the Menu button on the remote

If that doesn't work try pressing the power button on the Wii unit.

If that doesn't work remove power source and re plug in.

Turn the power on this should reboot the system.

My Wii froze on a Wii channel page.

If you have a Wireless router then do thefollowing. You may have to reset the router after running setup on the Wii.
On the home screen displaying the Wii channels goto the bottom of the screen and click on the Wii button.
This will take you to the system setup screen. Toggle over to the internet connection page setup..Follow onscreen instructions for the WiFi set up.

After you have connected the Wifi go back to the Main menu (Wii channels page)

Goto the Wii Shop Channel store and download the trial web browser. 

Then click on the Internet channel and choose input an address and start surfing the net.
Parents if you have downloaded the Wii Web Browser remember to enable the parental safety web searches and net nanny. The same safety considerations that you have for internet safety on the computer should also be considered when your child is using the Wii internet channel.

How do I get internet on My Wii?

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