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Wii Cheat Codes for GT Pro Series Wii Video Games

GT Pro Series Wii Cheat Codes

Championship Unlockables


Winning cups will unlock

Brake Street-Win Championship Race (Beginner)

Filter Grade - A-Win Enjoy Cup (Beginner)

Headlight Blue--Win 3 Door cup (Beginner)

Highspeed Class-Win all cups in Intermediate Class

Intermediate Class-Win all cups in Beginner's Class

Mazda RX-7 tune (FD3S)-Get atleast a Great!, 20+ for max combo in Heights Mountain

Mazda RX-8-Win Championship Race (Beginner)

Nissan 180SX S13-Win Enjoy Cup (Beginner)

Nissan Silvia S14 Tune-Complete the first race in drift mode.

Nissan Silvia tune (S15)-Get atleast a Good!, 15+ for max combo in Downtown Street

Professional class-Win all cups in Highspeed Class

Toyota Celica LB TA27-Win 3 Door cup (Beginner)

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