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Wii Cheat Codes for Super Swing Golf Wii Video Games

Super Swing Golf Wii Cheat Codes

Unlock Caddies-defeat the Pangya Festa with certain characters. (Except for Pipin) Then you purchase them from shop.

Brie-Beat Arin's first Pangya Festa

Dolfini-Complete the first Pangya Storyline with Kooh

Lola-Complete the first Pangya Storyline with Uncle Bob

Pipin-Complete the Tutorial

Quma-Complete the first Pangya Storyline with Hana

Tiki-Complete the first Pangya Storyline with Max

TitanBoo-Beat Cecilia in Arin's first Pangya Festa

Unlockable Characters

Unlock new character-beat Pangya Festa with another character in first storyline of Pangya Festa

Arin-Beat Pangya Festa with Kooh

Cecilia-Beat Pangya Festa with Hana or Uncle Bob

Koon-Beat Pangya Festa with Max

Max-Beat Pangya Festa with Cecilia

Uncle Bob-Beat Pangya Festa with Scout

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