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What Parents Need to know about Internet safety, Video Gaming, including online Gaming On Xbox Live, PSN (playstation) and the Wii.

At we have gone to extensive lengths to try to provide Children and families a safe place to gather information about their favorite topics. We have gone so far as to exclude certain advertisers that would normally generate alot of advertising income in an effort to protect the people who visit our pages. Sometimes it takes a month before the ad company we use honors our request and we have dropped third party ad companies that do not honor them. Unfortunately there are many website publishers that allow trash (Adult and personal information collecting) ads to be placed on their websites with little consideration for the children who are most often the visitors to their video gaming and sports websites. For every safe sincere website there are hundreds that are not and the bad websites most often are reported to carry the same type of content.

Then Why are the bad websites found so easily in searches? "It must be because they offer better content and a better site developement, right?" No this is actually a myth. Some search engines like google use a social ranking system to help the search engine decide which order of priority websites are displayed when people are executing a search on a specicfic topic. Which means that the websites that have the most other websites linking to them are displayed on the first pages of the google search results.

Haven't you ever wondered why some of the search results are kinda lame and offer little content and are just filled with ads. Well many website publishers have found a way to trick especially the Google search engine and they actually submit their website link to thousands of link farms. A link farm is basically a website that disquises itself as a legitamit website but the sole purpose of the site is to get paid to post links to other websites so the payer increases in their search engine rankings with search engines that use a social ranking system.

Unfortunately Google has become the trade term for searching on the internet. The teacher says "google it" Well what if the kid would like to use searches or searches. Actually those two search engines are very similar to each other in that they post search results based on the relevence of the content within the website and how often the website is updated and not ranked on how many other websites link to that site. We are not supporting one search engine over the other but we do want parents and internet novice to understand how it works.

As Becomes more popular, we decided it was time to provide a service to the parents and begin building an internet safety, Video game Console Online Safety parent resource center. As we build this area we will also be providing a way for parents to alert each other to Websites, gaming sites etc... that parents should check out for themselves. The intent is not for political activism, the intent is to serve as an information resource center for parents so to allow them to make informed decisions when it comes to their children's interests.






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