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KENTUCKY tracks Michigan and riding tips KENTUCKY riding tips
KENTUCKY tracks Illinois and riding tips
KENTUCKY tracks Illinois and riding tips KENTUCKY and riding tips
  Illinois mx race Motocross Tracks Located in Illinois tracks Illinois and riding tips  

Build a motocross Tracks.

 Motocross Tracks located in the United States /List includes location and phone numbers and some of the motocross track hours of operation.

Build A Motocross Practice Track

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 Motocross Tracks located in the United States /List includes location and phone numbers and some of the motocross track hours of operation.

Build A Motocross Practice Track

  So you have quite a few extra acres of land that you feel need some landscaping changes. You say to your wife "Gee a motocross track would look great out back honey. Just think I would be around more instead of at some strange practice track miles and miles away. " If your spouse is tolerant of having a three car garage with barely enough room for the lawn tracker because the garage is filled with motocross bikes, motors, tools lifts and those "I gotta have it project bikes" then it would be almost a safe bet she'll agree to building a motocross practice track in the back yard.

    Now that the most important approval has been obtained, it's time to assess your proposed motocross track build. First find out if there are any local zoning restrictions regarding noise etc... Find ways to work with existing ordinances not against them. (Trees make great sound barriers.) Of course to be considerate of your neighbors and their young children you will probably refrain from riding in the evening or very early hours right?

  The second thing to consider is how much space you will use and how best to use the land for your motocross practice track build. There is no better way to assess your land then to ride it, and ride it and ride it. As you ride consider the berms, tabletop and whoops you just have to have. Do you or don't you have room to safely create triples or should you just opt for a rhythm section and tabletop with some whoops. In your mind visualize as you ride where best to place them. Take some surveyors paint and mark the general layout for a half mile or mile track. Keep in mind most motorcross tracks are about 15 to 40 feet in width at any given point and you will also need space for safety barriers such as hay. At all times safety should always be priority one.

  Space between each lane should also take drainage and track maintenance into consideration when mapping out and building your motocross track. Where will the water run off go and how will it ultimately get there? How will I maintain my track and how much space will I need to navigate my equipment around it. Refer to existing outdoor tracks in your area for creative solutions to manage these details and ask the local motocross track owners about safety considerations that aren't as obvious to the novice track designer. Stay away from arenacross layouts. Arenacross tracks are only built to last for a limited time and weather isn't a factor in their design.

  This should be a start for the novice track designer. A more detailed Motocross track building page including equipment suggestions and obstacle specs will be available April 30th 2006.


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