Future of Motocross, Zoning, Noise, and The community benefits of having a local Track.

motocross riding tips how tos and motorcross tracks loacated in the united states. mx tracks and riding holeshots, cornering, corners, jumps motocross riding tips how tos and motorcross tracks loacated in the united states. mx tracks and riding holeshots, cornering, corners, jumps
motocross riding tips how tos and motorcross tracks loacated in the united states. mx tracks and riding holeshots, cornering, corners, jumps
motocross riding tips how tos and motorcross tracks loacated in the united states. mx tracks and riding holeshots, cornering, corners, jumps
  motocross riding tips how tos and motorcross tracks loacated in the united states. mx tracks and riding holeshots, cornering, corners, jumps  


The Future of MotoCross Riding and Racing

WIth Mx Tracks Closing and communities rezoning riding areas what will happen to the sport of motocross?

MESSAGE TO MX Enthusiasts 2011

Atomsfamily.net is in the process of updating motocross track information on the website. As we call to re-verify MX track Listings, we are sad to learn about many many MX track closures. Some of the track closures are due to the economy, yet others have been forced to close and in some cases not even permitted to open due to noise levels or potential noise levels coming from MX tracks and trails. Whether you are visiting a practice track a sanctioned MX race track, we urge everyone to respect the track owners by keeping your rides quiet. Avoid using exhausts systems that have been altered that cause excessive noise.

Without these family operated local Motocross / atv tracks and trails for a family to ride, the sport of motocross will begin to suffer as a whole. We all need to work together to help local trails and MX track owners stay in business.

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With motocross tracks facing zoning changes and closures how will the sport survive?

Motocross riding and racing will survive by educating and informing non-riders about the sport of motocross.

Motocross is a family sport. Many young riders, some as young as 5, enjoy the sport of motocross racing. When a member of the family becomes a mx racer, the whole family gets involved. The races are generally held at different tracks throughout the season. Racing at different venues offers families the opportunity to spend summer weekends together traveling, camping, and working together. Motocross is not a "drop your child off" at practice and once a week watch your child for an hour from the stands type of sport. It's a sport where both the family and the child learn and work together throughout the competition days. Often the family becomes the pit crew. Every member is usually engaged in the days events.

Physical conditioning is important to any sport. Motocross is no different. The motocross rider will need and develop strong legs, and upper body muscles as well as wrists during their years riding. Just like most athletes, the motocross rider stays in shape during the off season. Staying in shape, makes training during the season all the more easier. Physical conditioning, balance and stamina are all essential to a motocross rider. The ability to focus and anticipate are also attributes that the mx rider will develop over time. As with any sport which requires a helmet like skiing, football and hockey, motocross is a sport with some risks. Reputable tracks minimize those risks by enforcing strict policies. MX racers learn very young to respect the track, and the machines they ride.

To the communities that have a motocross track, it means an increase in restaurant, grocery, and fuel traffic during the season. As families come back to that track for the next event at that location they become more familiar with the area and begin to venture into other retail markets within that motocross track community. Some of our best family vacation spots were found while traveling to mx races. If motocross had not been a part of our family we never would have found fun vacation spots such as Holiday World IN, Carter Caves KY or White water in WV. Yes there is noise from motocross tracks. Steps are being taken within the motocross rider community to quiet the rides. The riding community takes the concerns of the communities seriously and is trying hard to urge new riders to keep their bikes quiet by re-packing exhaust systems and staying with factory exhaust systems. Communities with long established mx parks should be mindful and respect that the track owners will work with communities if issues arise.

Recently I read an article posted on wbng channel twelve in New York that discussed the potential closure of a MX track. I found it interesting that one of the only negative responses about the track was posted by someone stating that they had never read or heard any report citing that motocross was fun, safe, and keeps children off of drgs. I have to whole heart-edly disagree with that comment. Motocross is a fabulous tool for parents. Having a child involved in motocross means having a child/ teen that doesn't mind taking road trips every weekend with the family for races. It means hours of quality family time. During the summer weekdays many motocross families are spending time together tweaking their rides for the next race.

The detractor also cites injuries from mx riding. Well how many times during the fall high school football season do we here of students dropping dead from exhaustion or Hypertrophic heart issues. What we don't here about in the news are all the broken shoulders, wrists, forearms, and concussions from playing football which occur on a weekly basis. High school football games draw large noisy crowds every Friday or Saturday night, I have never heard of a community filing suit against the public school system to close the high school field down. Along with the crowds there is all the fast food containers being dropped from cars littering the neighborhoods that these students cut through to get to and to leave the football games. Motocross like football is a real sport.

Some kids do not want to play hockey, football or soccer. Some children and teens are drawn to MX riding and racing with the same passion a football player has for football. They should be permitted to have venues to experience and participate in this sport. When Riders, track owners, and communities work together, having a community track will benefit all.

The bottom line is, we all need to work together to keep motocross available to riders in the future. Communities need to see the benefits of having a local track, and riders need to respect the communities that they travel to ride. Motocross has a great future when everyone sees the benefits.

Congratulations to Halstead Motorsports on opening your new Track in Franklin County Virginia!

We are trying to get a hold of an electric motocross bike to test out at a local track. To read further about the electric rides goto Electricross the quiet ride

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