motocross riding tips how tos and motorcross tracks loacated in the united states. mx tracks and riding holeshots, cornering, corners, jumps

  motocross riding tips how tos and motorcross tracks loacated in the united states. mx tracks and riding holeshots, cornering, corners, jumps  


Electricross is this The Future of MotoCross Riding and Racing

Electric Motorcycles could be the answer to many tracks. With Mx Tracks Closing and communities rezoning riding areas could track owners converting to electricross racing be the answer to saving the sport?

MESSAGE TO MX Enthusiasts July 2010 is in the process of updating motocross track information on the website. As we call to re-verify MX track Listings, we are sad to learn about many many MX track closures. Some of the track closures are due to the economy, yet others have been forced to close and in some cases not even permitted to open due to noise levels or potential noise levels coming from MX tracks and trails. Whether you are visiting a practice track a sanctioned MX race track, we urge everyone to respect the track owners by keeping your rides quiet. Avoid using exhausts systems that have been altered that cause excessive noise.

Without these family operated local Motocross / atv tracks and trails for a family to ride, the sport of motocross will begin to suffer as a whole. We all need to work together to help local trails and MX track owners stay in business.

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Electric Offroad, Mx, and supermoto Motorcycles

We have heard about, read about, and have seen electric motorcycles for a couple of years. Now the technology has improved to the point that it is becoming feasible to race these quick, silent wonders. Batteries have become lighter and more efficient. The technology preventing battery overheating is much better than in the early years. The frames and structures of the bikes have become lighter and stronger. All these electric bikes need is a place to race.

As we research more and more we are finding that the electric motorcycles may be the answer to the noise and pollution arguments that many track owners face. With KTM, Zero Motorcycles, and Honda leading with the release of the next engineering generation of the electric mx bikes and supercross bikes, riders just need a sanctioning body to sanction the electric motocross races.

Once track owners start hosting electricross races, even if it just 2 or 3 events a year, this will excellerate this evolution in offroad racing even quicker. The best scenario would be for tracks to actually incorporate electricross into their regular racing schedules. By offering opportunities for riders to push themselves and their bikes hard in race settings, more riders may invest in electric bikes. If the AMA could begin to sanction races on the amatur level this would help the electric bike industry continue to explore new technologies and give incentive to riders to begin investing.


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