What to look for in family friendly motocross tracks...

motocross riding tips how tos and motorcross tracks loacated in the united states. mx tracks and riding holeshots, cornering, corners, jumps motocross riding tips how tos and motorcross tracks loacated in the united states. mx tracks and riding holeshots, cornering, corners, jumps
motocross riding tips how tos and motorcross tracks loacated in the united states. mx tracks and riding holeshots, cornering, corners, jumps
Motocross family friendly tracks
  motocross riding tips how tos and motorcross tracks loacated in the united states. mx tracks and riding holeshots, cornering, corners, jumps  


What to look for in finding a family friendly motocross track.

Family Motocross Vacations are great fun for everyone. Parents and children will enjoy riding trails. Don't worry if you don't have bikes, some MX resorts will offer MX rentals and mx gear.

MESSAGE TO MX Enthusiasts July 2010

Atomsfamily.net is in the process of updating motocross track information on the website. As we call to re-verify MX track Listings, we are sad to learn about many many MX track closures. Some of the track closures are due to the economy, yet others have been forced to close and in some cases not even permitted to open due to noise levels or potential noise levels coming from MX tracks and trails. Whether you are visiting a practice track a sanctioned MX race track, we urge everyone to respect the track owners by keeping your rides quiet. Avoid using exhausts systems that have been altered that cause excessive noise. .

Without these family operated local Motocross / atv tracks and trails for a family to ride, the sport of motocross will begin to suffer as a whole. We all need to work together to help local trails and MX track owners stay in business.

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What to look for in family friendly tracks...

When your child first begins to get involved with motocross riding, finding the right places to ride is as important as having the right riding equipment. When visiting a motocross track look at the policies of the tracks. Do they have policies regarding larger bikes on the track at the same time the 65cc and 50cc are on the track during practice hours. If a track has no policy regarding times for the smaller bikes to practice on the track without the larger bikes then that might be a practice track to avoid. Almost all tracks that offer racing have the different bikes racing separated by size and experience during the races. This does not mean the track has separate practice times for the different size bikes during the week. Good family MX parks will have a specific time every hour or 40 minutes when the larger bikes must stay off the track so that the 65s and 50s can make use of it. The best family friendly tracks actually will have a peewee track for 50s and 65s.

Now that you have found a track that has separate practice times for smaller bikes or a separate peewee track, now see if the track management enforces it's own policies. While you are watching or having your child ride the peewee track, do you see adults, teens on bigger bikes racing through the peewee track just for the fun of it? If they do without being approached or asked to leave by the management then that track would be a track to avoid.

While investigating family friendly tracks, look around. Are there riders on the track with little to no safety equipment. Are there "show boaters" and reckless riders on the track during practices that are left alone by management. If so this would be a track to avoid having your child practice.

Some tracks have policies regarding rider seat height as it relates to rider height and ability to control the bike. Remember the track owners are only looking out for the safety of all the riders on their tracks. So if your child can handle a 65cc or 80cc yet is physically small and the track management expresses concern, be patient, he doesn't know your child and has only "his" experience to draw from when making the assessment.

Remember when reviewing tracks over the internet, Track management could have the best policies and procedures on paper, but if these policies are not strictly enforced it means nothing. Responsible riding is the most important part of motocross and having your child grow up learning to respect the safety aspects of riding by having zero tolerance for the riders that violate safety policies will help the sport continue to grow.

For the most part motocross riders and track owners are a great group of people that look out for each other. They will usually be very gracious about helping each other with their bikes and most are willing to give riding tips and share racing experiences with less experienced and younger riders.




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