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Playstation 3 Cheat Codes

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  • Uncharted Drakes Fortune Game review

  • Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction
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    Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM

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    Playstation 3 cheat codes and Unlockables.


    Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM Cheat codes for PS3

    Extra Characters and Mobile Suits

    • Mobile Suit for Pilot-Complete their story mode
    • Master Asia and Master Gundam-Complete Domon Kasshu's Original Mode
    • Milliardo Peacecraft and Epyon-Complete Heero's story in Original Mode.
    • Musha Gundam-Beat Original mode with all 6 protagonists - Amuro, Kamille, Judau, Domon, Heero & Loran
    • Char's Gelgoog-Complete Amuro Ray's Official Mode
    • Char's Zaku II-Complete Char Aznable's Official Mode
    • Gundam Mk-II(Black)-Complete Kamille Bidan's Official Mode and Complete Heero Yuy's Original Mode
    • Gundam ZZ-Complete Judau Ashita's Official Mode
    • Hyaku Shiki (Gold Gundam)-Complete Char Aznable's Official Mode Mission 4
    • Char Aznable-Complete Amuro Ray's Official Mode
    • Haman Karn-Complete Kamille Bidan's Official Mode
    • Paptimus Scirocco-Complete Judau Ashita's Official Mode
    • Amuro Ray-Complete Amuro Ray's Official Mode
    • Char Aznable-Complete Char Aznable's Official Mode
    • Elpe Puru-Complete Judau Ashita's Official Mode & Domon Kasshu's Original Mode
    • Emma Sheen-Complete Char Aznable's Official Mode & Complete Rolan Cehack's Original Mode
    • Haman Karn-Complete Haman Karn's Official Mode
    • Jerid Messa-Complete Kamille Bidan's Official Mode & Complete Heero Yuy's Original Mode
    • Judau Ashita-Complete Judau Ashita's Official Mode
    • Kamille Bidan-Complete Kamille Bidan's Official Mode
    • Paptimus Scrirocco-Complete Paptimus Scirocco's Official Mode
    • Puru Two-Complete Elpe Puru's Original Mode
    • Roux Louka-Complete Judau Ashita's Original Mode & Complete Haman Karn's Offical Mode
    • Qubeley-Complete Judau Ashita's Official Mode
    • Qubeley Mk-II (Red)-Complete Elpe Puru's Original Mode and Complete Rolan Cehack's Original Mode
    • Qubeley Mk-II(Black)-Complete Judau Ashita's Official Mode and Complete Domon Kasshu's Original Mode
    • The O-Complete Kamille Bidan's Official Mode






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