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    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PS3 Cheat Codes

    Oblivion IV Elder Scrolls Game Review

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    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PS3 Cheat Codes

    To duplicate your items in the PS3 version of Oblivion do the following:

    PS3 game CHEATS CODES 1st ) Get two magic scrolls of the same type.

    ***The scrolls must NOT be stolen

    PS3 game CHEATS CODES 2nd ) Click on the scroll twice.

    PS3 game CHEATS CODES 3rd ) Then drop the item from your inventory that you want duplicated.

    PS3 game CHEATS CODES 4th ) Exit inventory and collect your items.

    PS3 game CHEATS CODES Health of the item must be 100

    PS3 game CHEATS CODES Charge on a magical item must be full



    PS3 game CHEATS CODES Get Master Sneak level-Find a door that doesn't take you to a loading screen when opening it like in Fort Urasek which has a perfect place for this. Go into sneak mode, walk against the door and your level will increase as long as you are not heard. Sneak off until you hear the fight music turn off, then sneak back over and continue. Keep doing this until you reach Master Sneak level.



    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game Review

    Oblivion: Elder Scrolls IV is a great example of an RPG, although I do wish it had online play. The graphics are an upscaled ps2 and halo (the first one) quality, but as with most RPGs, most of the space was used for sound files and the extensive landscapes and environments to explore. Although the game doesn't exploit the PS3's power or graphics ability it is one of the better multi-platform games. Since this game was first available at launch of the 360 in 2005 I am sure if the company had known about the potential of the ps3 it would have made the ps3 one differently than the xbox version. I am sure the graphics would be different, being able to use 50 gig PS3 Blueray, instead of 8.7 on a regular dvd disc. Anyway the game offers great environments to explore and great challenges to unravel throughout. In the beginning you create your own player and give them skills you think are necessary to navigate and conquer the game. Your first time playing will be a learning experience so be patient. Eventually you'll learn and understand how your character should be outfitted. That aspect of the game creates unpredictability which allows you to replay the game with different variations of characters creating different challenges for yourself. The replay value of this game makes it a good purchase if you Like RPGs.

    Forget renting it. This game is a good purchase.

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