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  • Uncharted Drakes Fortune Game review

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    Playstation 3 Game Reviews and Cheat Codes

    John Woo Strangle Hold Video game Review


    John Woo Strangle Hold action video game for the PS3 isn't the best example of a next generation HD game but it was fun if you like gore. Blood trails flowing from the corpses was definitely a good reason to rate this game M-Mature. Actual game play was fun if the gamer likes gratuitous redundant violence and gore but it lacked realism.

        Enemies, at times, just stand like mannequins pointing their guns shooting. The flat affect of the computer controlled characters in John Woo's Strangle Hold took away from game play.

         The lack of intelligent movement of the computer opponents makes us wonder whether the publisher, Midway, spent too much time on the blood trails and the detailing of the gory corpses while not spending enough time on developing better programming for A.I. of "live" characters.

          The controls and options in this game were smooth and it offered cool effects. This game was fun but gets boring after one time through.   Suggestion: rent it before you buy.


    Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction Game Review

         This game is a great addition to the 6 game series featuring the furry Lombax, Ratchet, and his robot buddy Clank. Throughout previous games in this series we often heard many insults hurled at Ratchet referencing his fur. Now thanks to the full HD capabilities of the PS3, we are now able to experience Ratchet in his full fuzzy glory that made him famous. In this game you can actually see bits of fuzz framing his face.

         Insomniac also added more details and depth to each character as well. I believe in the Ratchet and Clank series this may be the first time we actually see Clank's feet (I played the other ratchet games on a tiny screen TV so I may not have seen them if they had been there. HDTV NOW). Clank's feet even have texture. This may not be important to you but it shows what game producers like Insomniac can do on the ps3 when they begin to exploit it's power. The meticulous detail and great graphics throughout the game give you a sense that you are not only playing a great example of HD gaming but that you are controlling a CGI animated movie. Although this is a single player game. Audiences will love getting emersed into the story and graphics as you play.

         Thanks to the Blueray disc format, Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction, is a much longer game then previous games in the series. There are many many levels, all in stunning HD with individually Artificially Intelligent Characters and the use of sixiaxis motion controls makes the game challenging and exciting to play and watch.

         That's enough about fuzz, feet and power. You want to hear about the good stuff like the cool new weapons and gadgets that Ratchet uses in Racthet and Clank FTOD. With weapons like Buzz blades and tornado launcher (which is controlled with the sixaxis) how can you not have fun. The groovitron will keep the enemies dancing and you smiling. What do you get when you change your enemies into penguins and use the groovitron? You get a chorus line of happy feet.

         All and all the game has great graphics and A.I. throughout all the levels making it a great gaming experience. Each level seems longer than the previous level. Each boss feels like it's the last, and when you realize it's not, the anticipation of the next challenge and world hieghtens.

    Forget renting it. This game is a good purchase.

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