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    Need For Speed Prostreet Review for PS3


    Playstation 3 Game Reviews and Cheat Codes

    Need for speed Playstation 3 Cheat Codes

    Need for Speed ProStreet Codes--Select Code Entry in the career menu

    • UNLOCKALLTHINGS-Unlocks Bonuses
    • 1MA9X99-$2,000
    • 1Mi9K7E1-$10,000
    • CASHMONEY-$10,000 in account
    • CASTROLSYNTEC-$10,000 and Castrol Syntec bonus vinyl
    • ENERGIZERLITHIUM-Bonus Energizer Lithium vinyl.
    • HORSEPOWER-K&N bonus vinyl.
    • ITSABOUTYOU-Audi TT 3.2 Quattro in career garage.
    • L1iS97A1-$8,000
    • MITSUBISHIGOFAR-Lancer Evo in career garage
    • .
    • REGGAME-$10,000
    • SAFETYNET-5 Repair Tickets
    • W2iOLLO1-$4,000
    • WORLDSLONGESTLASTING-Dogde Viper in career garage.
    • ZEROZEROZERO-Pre-tuned Grip Coke Zero Golf GTI in garage and bonus Coke Zero vinyl
    • COLLECTORSED&-Unlock Free Collector's Edition Upgrade


    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 Trailer


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    Need for Speed PS3 no spoiler Video Game Review

        What does Pro Street mean to this latest release of Need for Speed? It means Pro, not underground. It means legal not illegal. Bottom line there are no police to chase you. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. One of the replay values of other Need for Speed video games were the police chases. This does not mean that Need for speed Pro Street is not a fun game. However, those who have played the series and have been loyal, will be a little let down with the lack of police chases and distracted by the annoying unenthusiastic over scripted story commentary. For those who love racing games, they will still love this latest installment of Need for Speed regardless of it's shortfalls.

        This game provides great graphics. On the PS3 the damage your car receives will effect your racing more than in previous Need for Speed games in the series. Do not worry, repairing your car is easily accomplished throughout the game. The story line is not the greatest yet it does serve to move the game along.

        The online is good, the racing is always fun and maybe, just maybe there is a way to unlock those boys in blue for us to agitate. So, if you know a little known cheat or achievement that will unlock the boys in blue and maybe an alternate story line, please share it with the world.

       Definitely rent it. If you are considering purchasing rent it before purchasing unless you are a huge Need for Speed fan then go and buy it.

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