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    My New View of Web Editor reviews and Ratings of Games


              Since early May when Grand Theft Auto 4 was released, I have been thinking about Video Game Ratings. IGN and Gamespot both gave Grand Theft Auto a perfect 10 rating so I was expecting a completely awesome game all around. Call of Duty 4 received a 9 and was so crisp and the graphics were the best I have ever seen in a game that was on all the systems, Halo 3 only received a 9, and Assassin’s Creed only received a 9 . So I thought Grand Theft Auto 4 must be completely the greatest game ever visually, physically, and of course the most important aspects the game, actual game play, controls and story.

              I picked up Grand Theft Auto the day it came out and rushed home to play it. Visually I was disappointed. The camera and view controls were poor and felt underdeveloped. The cars sounded like first generation test drive sound effects. I thought maybe these are just the beginning days of game creation so maybe later on the it gets better. So I hurried through every mission, not doing any of the side missions to see what the ending graphics and physics would be like. It was the same, the pedestrians kept running toward harms way, towards the shooter and explosions. Niko could still walk through walls and drive his car through steel road dividers. Sure the game had a better story and more to do then previous versions but that wasn’t enough for me when I was expecting a perfect 10. I was hesitant to write what I thought was an honest review of the game. I did anyway knowing what I would be risking.

    Boy did I get some backlash from the readers.
    "But it's the best GTA so far" I agree.
    "How could you say it didn't deserve a 10 " Well.

             The rants went on and on as if RockStar shouldn't be held accountable, and we should just ignore the glitches, poor physics and just give them a 10 because hey their "Rockstar" and "we are talking about GTA,".

              Haze came out Thursday May 21st, and I had mixed feelings about buying it because of the ratings of 4.5 and 6 given to the game by IGN and Gamespot. Even Strangle Hold received a 7 and the AI of the enemy in that game was humorously sad as they just stood there until you picked them off. I swallowed hard and I bought Haze even though with a 4.5 rating I expected a ps 1 quality game graphically and overall gameplay. Anyway and to my relief I really enjoyed the game. Is haze one of the best FPS games? No but it certainly is not the worst FPS game. I feel like a ps3 owner back in late 2006 when all the fanboy wars were raging. Liking Haze was like when people were afraid to admit that they owned the ps3, let alone thought it was worth the massive price tag. Haze has a huge following now and you are never hurting to find an online game to join. There are still glitches with the Haze online servers but wasn't that the case with Call of Duty 4 online in the first couple of months.

             So as reviewers isn't it our job not only to give our OPINION but to also be honest about the non opinion aspects of a game such as poor camera controls, many glitches, and obvious programming errors such as the AI of the computer characters "innocent pedestrians running towards the shooting". I can understand fans over looking such issues for the mere enjoyment of playing the game but for any reviewer to give a game loaded with those problems a perfect 10 is irresponsible and minimizes the value of a 10 rating or any rating all together.

              On May 24th my quest began on google to find other game web sites that had video game reviews. The web site Game Revolution’s review of Grand Theft Auto 4 in my opinion was spot on, as were their reviews of Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3. They have yet to post their review of Metal Gear SOlid 4 and I am curious to see what they have to say. But I did read many of their other game reviews yesterday and felt that they really have a refreshing view about gaming. One that comes from experience and a true love of gaming .

              Think about it Grand Theft Auto getting a better overall Editor rating of 10, better then other multi-platform games like Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty 4.

             Although Metal Gear Solid 4 received a perfect 10 as an Editor’s rating given by IGN and Gamespot before the game even came out just as they did with GTA4, does it matter? That 10 rating has little meaning after GTA4 with all of it’s shortcomings has already achieved the 10 whether deservedly or not. So to give Metal Gear Solid 4 a 10 puts it on par with GTA4. Well then we are to assume that Metal Gear Solid has glitches and poor camera controls and views. No Metal gear solid has great control schemes and smooth camera views. Then we must assume that Metal Gear solid has Snake walking through walls, and going through holes in the programming like Niko in GTA4 (especially like the Xbox 360 version had when it was released) . No Metal Gear Solid 4 has completed clean programming. We must assume that Like GTA4 the voice acting regardless of how good the script is was poor. No Metal gear solid had great voice acting. So how is it that both games are a perfect 10? Solely Opinion based.

    In my Opinion RockStar clearly put out a game for publishing sake only. Kojima Put out a masterpiece that pushes the envelope of gaming as an expression of his love of gaming. Now which game do think deserves the perfect 10? Or are you like me and feel the perfect 10 has no meaning anymore.

    What are the odds that GTA4 will get game of the year and Metal Gear Solid 4 will be overlooked? Based on what I have seen this year. GTA4 will get it based solely on pre-release hype.





    Next Gen Game Console Reviews

    We have tested and accepted reviews on all three next generation computer video gaming systems. As far as graphics are concerned the Microsoft's xbox 360 and Sony's PS3 capable of 1080p are both similar since the xbox has recently released a HDMI update on all it's new 360 consoles. The slight difference leans in favor of the playstation 3 with games produce on hd blueray format disks.

      Playstation 3 does offer more out off the box than Xbox 360, and the PS3 network is free to owners of the PS3.

      PS3 premium-60 gig, 80gig
    • Blue Ray Player
    • Playstation 3 games are produced on 50 gigabyte bluray disks
    • True 1080p HiDef
    • PSP Remote play ability (some new games will be playable through remote play from the ps3 streamed top the psp via the psn network
    • The internal 60 gig 80gig hard drive- capable of storing Ps2 memorycard game saves, photo, movies, music etc…
    • Ability to hook up external hard drives, and jump drives- and transfer music, photos, videos, etc……. Playstation 3 Solutions
    • Key board and mouse abilities
    • Printer ability
    • Text chat, video chat, and voice chat availible
    • Surf anywhere on the net like any computer (PS3 Has it's own web browser)
    • 200 PS3 game titles currently available. Estimated 300 more by spring including Haze , Killzone, Little big Planet, MGS4, Final Fantasy, etc.....
    • Play Ps1 games and ps2 titles

    • Xbox 360 Premium $349, 360 Elite $459 and Aracade$299 consoles

    • 360 was first released in 2005.
    • Premium comes with 20 gig hard drive, and headset, Elite comes with a 120 gig harddrive and headset. Arcade only comes with a 256mb card and five preinstalled arcade games
    • ALl new XBox 360 system offer HDMI output
    • Xbox live Gold has monthly fees to play online
    • Text chat, video chat, and voice chat available
    • Games on the 360 are all produced on Dual layered Dvds that hold 8.5 gigabytes
    • Plays dvd movies and for hddvd movies the purchase of a Microsoft HDDVD player is reguired for $189.
    • 1080i update available
    • No web Browser for internet browsing
    • For wireless connections the xbox 360 requires the purchase of a microsoft Wireless adaptor for $100
    • Xbox 360 currently has more games available But has many reported hardware issues. Microsoft has extended the Warranty on the 360 console for one such issue that many call the Red Ring of Death or RROD. If you have this issue or have suffered disk scratching contact Microsoft Support at 1-800-4my-xbox for Console exchange and repair

    • Wii

    • The Wii is very innovative and is a riot to play. You actually get tired.
    • The internet browser (once downloaded for free on the Wii beats them all for surfing the net with ease.. )
    • The Wii also allows you to download old nintendo classics to play on the Wii.
    • You can play gamecube games and the Wii has ports for up to four gamecube controllers and 2 gamecube memory cards.
    • The Wii has it's own online community and has online gaming.
    • It also has two usb ports for importing photos etc....




    Gaming News----Playstation 3 haze to be released in Jan.2008-----In Jan. 08 Microsoft to announce the release of another xbox 360 gaming option with intergrated hddvd drive in late 2008 for the 2008 holiday season... Current 360 owners discrouraged. bugger wrote in "1st the 360... , the elite ..... 2007, ...., and now the multimedia hddvd ...?" ...Let the format wars truely begin. No news on whether or not 360 games will start being produced on hddvds..... More 360 news-Red ring of death claims one console too many. California man files Class Action against Microsoft. ..... Xbox 360 Mass Effect is having an effect on gaming-story and dialogue more important in gaming. Thumbs up Mass Effect......Playstation 3 new- Call your decorater, Ps3 online Home to be released in April of 2008. .......Sony not releasing Rumble controllers in US until spring 2008. Ps3 fans bummed.







    "Let the Format Console Wars Truely Begin 08" New HDDVD 360?