Playstation 3 Cheat Codes

Playstation 3 Cheat Codes

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    Playstation 3 how too Solution

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    Warning to people who use Playstation Online Network. Some scam Artists are sending fake messages about Beta Testing to PSN users Via their Message inbox. They ask for your PSN sign in Information. Sony would not ask you to verify your sign in information over the message system. You are already signed in, and they would simply tell you how to download it. No matter how official it may seem, do not respond and report it to PSN. Sony gives you the BETA CODE they do not ask you for any information.

    Yellow Light Of Death Fix Tutorial Found on Youtube

    Playstation 3 Solutions and How to Solutions



    How do I move my music to the PS3 harddrive.

    Hook the source up to PS3 via usb (if it's a Harddrive or PSP or Jumpdrive)

    Then press triangle and select copy to copy files.

    With my harddrive I had to push triangle and View All to see the files, otherwise pushing X won't show anything.


    To copy a CD, put the CD in go to music, push triangle and then select import.

    It should import your CD and Create a folder for it with the title of the album


    TO CHANGE HOW THE MUSIC IS IMPORTED- go to settings, music settings, then audio CD import. You can select AAC, MP3, or ATRAC. Your music will be ripped in this format.

    How to connect to the internet.

    Goto settings

    Goto network settings

    Goto network connection, select enable

    Goto Internet connection settings just below internet connection-

    Push yes when it says you may be disconnected

    Select wired or wireless

    For wireless use scan or enter manually

    Follow on screen instructions.

    Once that is set up return to main menu and go to network near the right

    Then once in the internet browser press triangle and goto file and enter the internet address you would like visit.



    ATRAC Won't Work!

    You need to beconnected to the internet. Go to settings, system settings, and enable ATRAC.

    My 8TRAC won't work!

    Whoah! Man, Slowly step into this millenium, shave the sideburns, then get a cassette player. After you've learned that, get a CD player ( the shiny discs you've been hanging from the rearview mirror, they are not radar deflectors or air freshioners.) Then you might be ready for the Nintedo 64.

    Next, this is going to be a big leap, get a color T.V.

    How to Copy Stuff, Music, Videos, Photos, etc… from external source (PC) like external hard drive, Jump Drive, PSP, Etc… To the PS3

    Simply take a jump drive, external hard drive, etc…hook it up to the USB port on the front and then you--

    Goto to view under music, or video, or photos, scroll down to the drive you've hooked up hover over it then push Triangle(notX) then select display all (view all)(press X) and it will show everything on the jump drive or external harddrive. Then either listen to or view the music, video, photos or copy to the ps3 hard drive directly.

    If you have a psp you can also use that to move files from pc to ps3.

    How To Copy Stuff from the PS3 to an external hard drive, jump drive, psp , or other, media.

    First go to your file, highlight it then push triangle (not X), then select copy.

    If your device is connected, a screen should appear that says "select your destination"- select your destination and your on your way

    To Copy to the PS3, plug in the harddrive or put the Cd in, then highlight drive or CD undr the category you want, music, video,… then push triangle and select copy (or copy multiple to copy more things faster).

    You can copy saved games to bring to friends houses also.

     Copy old Memory cards to PS3 

     After purchasing the USB drive needed, go to Memory Card Utility (under the Game folder). Then you select the memory card you have already put in (PS ONE CARDS DO WORK!!!) the card should appear as the top icon in the list. Simply click X and your on your way. After copying the card, you will need to assign it a slot. (there are still only two slots.) you can changeout the slots for different memory cards to load your game, for example if you have five memory cards you can put a PS2 one you are about to use and a another one you may use later in slots one and two.

     How do I make a PS2 Save Game on the Harddrive?


    Simply go to Memory Card Utility (under the Game folder), then select the icon that says "New Internal Memory Card". It will ask you whether you want a PS One or a PS2 card. And your on your Way. Just like the Question above^, you will need to assign the card to one of two slots.


     How do I activate my PS3 Dual SHock 3 COntroller in Games


    Activating the PS3 Dual Shock 3 vibration function for some games is as easy as selcting enable in the game's settings menu.

    Some titles require that you to get an update online and will prompt you to do so when you load the game. Others Require you to go online with the online menu within the game to run the update. Once you run the update make sure you reload ( exit out of the game to the main PS3 menu) and reload the game and select enable to have the full vibration function.

    Dual Shock 3 Controller information


     My Games keep freezing online and sometimes off Line


    Simple deactivate the Information board in the top Right hand corner of the Playstation 3 Main menu. To do so goto network icon and scroll down until you get to the Information Board press triangle then select disable. Problems With Call of Duty 4 online the COD4 server itself sometimes causes issues.


     Gran Turismo 5 Prologue online help


    Getting online can be a bit of a bear. Especially when purchasing the new PS3 hardware and attempting to run the update. If connecting with ethernet make sure that you turn off the Upnp. THis will make it much easier when attempting to connect to the game server. Prologue takes a lot of resources so don't go online through a connection that has reduced bandwidth due to another household member surfing online on the PC at the same time. Try to give the ps3 a dedicated IP and open as many ports as possible. When using wireless make sure your wireless router is password protected. If neighbors are riding your WiFi Band width this will reduce your resources and cause issue. This game is different then COD4 etc... online in that it is very picky and needs an almost exclusive use of your online connection bandwidth.


     My TV screen is flickering colors and has distorted lines running through when I use the PS3


    You will need to reset the hdmi ports etc... on the hdtv. Try unplugging the tv after disconnecting everything. Then from the back turn off the ps3 disconnect the cords. Plug the tv in. Plug in the hdmi etc... Turn on the tv and select from the tv menu the proper channel. Then turn on the ps3 by turning the back switch on then press and hold the front power button on for 10 seconds. It will ask if you want to set hdmi etc..as the default you select OKAY. Then if you don't have sound goto your settings menu and select audio, then select the proper output hdmi etc...


    How do I exit a game without turning off the system?

    To exit a game just press and hold the center ps button until a quit game menu pops up. Selct quit game and you're all set.


     How to Update my PS3 with the latest firmware


    If your Playstation 3 is online simply goto settings then scroll to Update PS3. It will Automatically connect you to the server and begin the download. After the download it will prompt you to install. It is VERY important that during the install process you leave the ps3 alone and let it fully finish the install including restarting. Do not touch it until it gets to the main menu again after restart.

    To download the update from the http://us.playstation.com website simply goto the Support link then to Update then update to PC. On a jump drive or external harddrive create a folder called PS3 then inside the PS3 folder create a folder called UPDATE and ave the download update to the UPDATE folder (names of folders are case sensitive)

    then on your ps3 take the jump drive or exteranl harddrive hook it up . Select update form the settings menu and select update from storgae media press X. Follow on screen instructions from there and you are all set.


    How do I get Game Save files from the internet or another ps3 to my ps3

    When you put the usb drive in , and goto saved game data- then it should show the usb drive- highlight usb drive press X - then Highlight the game save you want to copy to the ps3 and press Triangle. - Select Copy.---

    Your Jump drive File structure Should look Like this for Game Saves to be recognized-

    • PS3 (Case sensitive folder name)
    • inside PS3 Folder there should be a folder Called SAVEDATA
    • Within the SAVEDATA folder there should be Folders Called

    So if your BLU.... is not in the SAVEDATA folder and the SAVEDATA folder is not in the PS3 folder on the jump drive just create a new folder name it PS3 then open that folder and create a new folder and name it SAVEDATA then open that folder and move the BLU....file folder or folders into there. The ps3 should recognize it no problem then .  

     How do I back up and save my game saves to an external source?


    To copy your game saves to a jump drive or external hard drive. Connect the Jump Drive or or external hard drive to the USB port.

    You will have to do the following for each User Login.

    • Go to the Game icon.
    • Then scroll to the Saved Data Utility.
    • Press X.
    • Then highlight the save file you want to copy. Press triangle.
    • Select Copy press X and it will prompt you as to were you want it copied to.
    • Select your USB Jump Drive or External Hard Drive.

    Do this for each and every game save file even if you have multiple saves for the same game.

    Do this for every User Login as well.

    Now to move the files back onto your PS3, Just do the following.

    • When you put the usb drive in
    • Go to the Game Icon Scroll to Saved Data Utility
    • It should show the usb drive-
    • Highlight USB drive press X -
    • Then Highlight the game save you want to copy to the ps3 and press Triangle. -
    • Select Copy.---and select the PS3 as the destination.

    You must do this in each User Login. It might be best if you were to use a different jump drive for each user login if you have alot of game saves to manage.


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