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cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3
cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3


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    cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3


    Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 cheat codes Unlockables / Metal Gear Solid 4 review

    Good Luck FIRST Robotics Competition Team 573

    ps3 MGS 4 cheat codes

    At the title screen select Extras then select Password Menu . Enter the following to start off with some weapons

    • mekakorkkk (all lower case)-Unlock Mk. 23 handgun
    • deskyhstyl (all lower case)-Unlock the Desert Eagle Long Barrel
    • mnsoymsyhn (all lower case)-Unlock Mosin Nagant

    Enter the following at the password screen to unlock the following Ipod Songs

    • george-Unlock Gekko Song
    • thomas-Unlock Desperate Chase Song
    • theodore-Unlock Midnight Shadow Song
    • abraham-Unlock Mobs Alive Song

    Metal Gear Solid 4 Just some tid bits until more detailed cheats and walk throughs are available.

    During Offline Metal Gear Solid play look for vents to crawl through to avoid enemies. Also crawl under colapsed walls when possible.

    • Select in options menu For first person shooting L1 for aim and activate weapon then press triangle for scope mode
    • Don't be shy- Hang from ledges and drop to lower levels to grab handy weapons such as rocket launchers

    To collect extra ammo and grenades. Lift the bodies laying on the ground. When you set them down. Ammo will be released for you to collect.

    PS3 mgs4 cheat codes

    • Grenades- when lieing on your back you can select through over head or over feet.

    IPOD?-You can also collect Ipod music to play on your virtual Ipod. Wow Old Snake is really with the times.

    • Play Ipod Music during gameplay to activate some secret effects

    Stealth Snake is the name of this game. The better you are at stealth the better success you'll have

    • Octo Camo- Use by laying on the ground when you stop crawling it will activate actumatically or if up against a wall press triangle
    • Face Camo- After killing The laughing Octopuss lady. Pick up the mask and you will have face camoflage
    • Rations can be found laying in vents to crawl through as well as on in rooms
    • Compresses and rations can be found in nooks and corners.
    • Play dead- along with Octocamo option is a great stealth feature that you'll need through your missions
    • Jump In - Us metal storage drums to hide in and roll or walk forward in.
    • PS3 mgs4 cheat codes

    Some advice- Don't let Snake get too nervous (check his stress meter) If you do Solid Snake will "loose" his already digesting almost liquid rations. Yuck!!

    • Snake can take Medicine to calm his nerves but when he's nervous and entering battle watch out. Doubling over and tossing cookies is not the best way to intimidate the enemy.
    • Aging Rapidly- Remember Snake is aging rapidly so when you jump from high places he will show signs of pain and back troubles that he doesn't quickly recover from.


    • When you finish the game let it finish clearing and the next time you play you will have all your weapons and Derbin points carried over. You must Load the finished data and during the beginning sequence of the new game, make contact with MKII to get Snake's stuff back from the previous game.

    Complete the game on any difficulty to unlock the following

    • New Vests and Business suit for Snake-Finish the game in single player mode.
    • Bandana- Finish game without killing a single soul. You can hit and knock them out in order for you to escape though
    • Stealth Item-Finish the game with out a single alert
    • Ricochet Gun-Unlock teh Race Gun by completing the game in single player.
    • Big Boss Extreme Mode - Complete the game once.

    Many other things can be unlocked by collecting items found throughout the game like statues. Other things are unlocked by earning Emblems from completing certain task. We will list these unlockables as soon as we have the list completely compiled.

    For some fun during cut scene briefings you can drive the MkII around and watch the briefing in one of it's screens while exploring the rest of the area. You go upstairs and down. We found some fun things looking through the MGII during the briefing.

    PS3 mgs4 cheat codes
    Look at what is laying on
    the table in the upstairs of the plane
    It's a PS3 Metal Gear Solid Special Edition


    When you finish the game make sure you let the credits run all the way through. Even when the screen goes black. Let it play all the way through. Check out the new begining when you start again. Use l1, r1 to navigate the new intro it's hilarious.

    cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3



    Metal Gear Solid 4 no spoiler review

    Metal Gear Solid 4 no spoiler review

    For this review we wanted to get the first impressions from someone who had never played Metal Gear Solid games in the past. From the moment the game begins, the first time Metal Gear Gamer is drawn into the aging Snake's life and yearns to discover more about this person and why such desperation and deep sorrow. The game offers enough flashbacks and references to Snakes past life that are revealed throughout the game that the first time player feels for Snake and is drawn to the character by the end of the opening screen even before you press start. However, the veteran player will not be overwhelmed by a rerun sense as they are immersed in the cut scenes and graphically rich cinema flashbacks. Music, graphics, great voice acting and audio effects enrich the game all the more. For veterans Metal Gear Solid offers a great story and closure to the series.

    The graphics are intense and the maps are expansive. If you are one who relies solely on games reviewers to purchase a game you may have been less inclined to play this game after reports of cuts scenes monopolizing gameplay. During the first moments and tutorial setting of the game you may be worried that the cinema aspect reported was true. Well we are here to tell you that once you enter Act one and are out of the tutorial mode the cut scenes are actually woven into the game in a natural way and in no way does it take away from gameplay. Watching cut scenes also benefits gameplay by rewarding the player when they press X or whatever button it tells you to when prompted. You receive Drebin points which can be traded for weapons and services.

    From the persceptive of a first time Metal Gear player, Hideo Kojima has created one of the best games yet for the Playstation 3. It's story is easy to follow and get into and difficult to take a break from. Because Snake needs to be stealthy, the game offers many opportunities and seems to encourage exploration of the evironments Snake encounters. Humor is found everywhere within this game which helps keep it light and breaks up intense moments.

    The attention to detail is amazing throughout this game. From the cut scenes showing Snake in the Camo he just activated moments before the cut scene started to the great lighting, textures, smoke effects and fire during gameplay. The detail the developer adds to even the opening start screen is stunning (don't press start and let it cycle through a couple of times). This game really takes the best from all shooters and action adventure games and brings them all together. From the third person over the shoulder view to the first person shooter to expansive environments and story of action adventure games, they are all represented well throughout this game.

    PS3 mgs4 cheat codes

    The only Downside to this game is that the controls do take a little getting used to. Pressing the L3 button to run can be a hassle but these tiny issues in no way take away from the total overall great experience of the game.You can actually configure the controls to fit your style with the extensive settings menus.

    Oh and the menu system is remarkable. The ease in which you can access just about everything within the menu is amazing. Online players can voice chat, text chat and invite buddies to play, all within the online game. Again Kojima has taken the best of all games and included those features into every aspect of Metal Gear Solid 4.

    Now for a humorous drawback- Snakes "Flossing" outfit really shows off his aging but remarkably still firm buttocks. The ladies will love it. Don't worry guys there is a lot this game offers you as well.

    PS3 mgs4 cheat codes
    Major Wedgeeeeeee!

    If you read our GTA4 review you know we can be a little harsh. The game Metal Gear Solid is a MUST HAVE addition to your gaming library! And is by far the best Exclusive in it's catagory for the Playstation 3. This game redefines gaming and is in and of itself it's own unique new genre- Wow! A Cinematic Action Adventure Shooter. You'll have to play it to believe it.

    Metal Gear Solid 4 is truely a work of art.

    PS3 mgs4 cheat codes
    What detail! Taking a break
    to drain the main vein



    PS3 mgs4 cheat codes
    What does snake use to control his robot? He uses a PS3 Sixaxis Dualshock 3 controller.
    PS3 mgs4 cheat codes

    cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3


    cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3