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Playstation 3 Cheat Codes


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    X-Blades Ps3 Cheats 

    Complete the game once to Unlock

    New Costumes

    Pro Mode

    Complete the game on Hard Difficulty to unlock the following

    Regenaration Costume

    Armored Costume


    Complete the following to unlock the following Trophies

    Airstrike master (Bronze) -Get maximum Airstrike upgrade level

    Annoying fly (Bronze) -Kill a monster in the air using blades

    Being good is easy (Bronze) -Complete game with a “good” ending at Normal difficulty

    Dark side (Bronze) -Execute Dark form for the first time

    Easy Walk (Bronze) -Complete game at Normal difficulty

    Everyday business (Bronze) -Complete game at Hard difficulty

    Finish him (Bronze) -Defeat The Dark One at The Dark Temple

    Great soul collector (Bronze) -Collect 50,000 souls

    I'm so special (Bronze) -Master all Special Form upgrades

    Let's go shopping (Bronze) -Use every item at least once

    Light side (Bronze) -Execute Light form for the first time

    Melee master (Bronze) -Get maximum Melee upgrade level

    Monster hunter (Bronze) -Kill 100 monsters

    Monster killer (Bronze) -Kill 1000 monsters

    Nice gold thingie (Bronze) -Collect 3 gold artifact parts

    Nice ruby thingie (Bronze) -Collect 3 ruby artifact parts

    Nice silver thingie (Bronze) -Collect 3 silver artifact parts

    Oops, are you OK? (Bronze) -Kill your first monster

    Shooting master (Bronze) -Get maximum Shooting upgrade level

    Soul collector (Bronze) -Collect 5,000 souls

    Take that! (Bronze) -Execute your first combo

    Unbelievable metabolism (Bronze) Upgrade health regeneration level to maximum

    Can't touch me (Silver) -Complete level without losing your health

    Counter impossible (Silver) -Get IMPOSSIBLE hit counter

    Epic soul collector (Silver) -Collect 5,000,000 souls

    Famous monster eliminator (Silver) -Kill 10,000 monsters

    Good girl (Silver) -Complete game with a “good” ending at Hard difficulty

    Light adept (Silver) -Master all Light spells

    Lock and load (Silver) -Master all shooting improvements

    Magic woman (Silver-Complete level using only magic

    Master of all skills (Silver) -Get maximum Shooting, Melee and Airstrike upgrade level

    Servant of the Dark (Silver) -Master all Dark spells

    Tough fight (Silver) -Complete game at Pro difficulty

    Can you EVER touch me? (Gold) -Complete 6 levels without losing your health

    Flawless victory (Gold) -Win boss fight without losing your health

    It's hard to be a good girl (Gold) -Complete game with a “good” ending at Pro difficulty

    The best soul collector (Gold) -Collect 50,000,000 souls

    Platinum (Platinum) -Collect all trophies from X-Blades